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About Costour

How the adventure begin?

Costour was founded in 2015 by Yves Malette and Carolyne Girard. From very humble beginnings, the agency has grown into a large and reliable travel agency helping thousands of people achieve memorable vacations.


There’s no challenge too big or too small for Costour, we’re here to help, no matter how big or small your project!


Since 2023, the agency has been in the hands of Kevin Martin and Anouk Russo and their daughters Abigaël Martin and Madison Martin. With a wealth of tourism experience around the world, the new owners can truly understand the expectations of those in the visitor’s seat, being frequent travelers themselves. Their commitment to customer service is the foundation of their mission, family values are at the heart of operations, and a love of discovery guides the agency’s development.

How the Costour agency stood out in the tourism industry?

Costour’s services are intended to be attentive and personalized. The efforts invested by the Costour team to offer unique experiences are widely recognized.

Costour consistently ranks first on the travel site TripAdvisor among more than 70 tourist agencies. Recipient of the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence, Costour is also a winner of the Travel & Hospitality Awards, for providing the best experiences to visitors coming to Guanacaste.

It is important for Costour to respect all security measures aimed at protecting its visitors. This professionalism has earned them recognition as a leader, receiving the required certifications from all levels of Costa Rican government and the Costa Rican National Tourism Institute. Costour is the friend of all those who come to Costa Rica with the wish to enjoy and discover the most wonderful country in the world. This is why Costour is one of the few tourist agencies in Costa Rica to offer experiences in French, English and Spanish. 

Meet the Costour team

costour Kevin Martin et Anouk Russo

Kevin Martin et Anouk Russo

Co-Owners and General Managers

The agency's founders speak of them as the very embodiment of a new wave of dazzling young professionals who, enamored of Costa Rica, have made it their new adopted country.
With a wealth of experience in Costa Rican tourism and a deep immersion in the hotel business, Anouk and Kevin have a keen grasp of what it means to listen and offer impeccable service. They are ready to advise and guide our visitors through Costa Rica's hidden treasures with unrivalled enthusiasm.

Our values of listening, respect and integrity will be at the heart of our decisions for the future of Costour! Our family will continue to grow through our daily encounters and through the sharing of magical moments!

Come and experience Costa Rica with us!


Guillermo “Memo” Solano

Tour guide

Guillermo, who is fluent in English and Spanish, has been a professional tour guide since 2012. He brings to Costour a wealth of guiding experience. His natural traits and personality that make him so valuable to us. Memo charms everyone with his lovely disposition and great sense of professionalism. He brings an impressive expertise of the flora and fauna of Costa Rica that he will be so pleased to share with you. He is very passionate about the protection of the wildlife here in Costa Rica.


Yves “Pepito” Malette

Consultant and Mentor

Yves was born in Ontario, Canada. He speaks English, French and Spanish. As co-founder of Costour, he is always present in the general operations of the agency, helping to develop the most memorable experiences, so that visitors leave Costa Rica with a host of precious memories. He is a true mentor to the new management team, always there to lend a hand. When we can't find him, he's certainly off the beaten track looking for new experiences for our next visitors. He is passionate about Costa Rica's flora and fauna. Pépito is always looking to learn more about the traditions and culture of the Costa Ricans, considered to be the happiest people on the planet.


Carolyne Girard


French, English and a little Spanish. As co-founder and owner of Costour, she continues her much-appreciated support in the administrative, IT and logistical departments to ensure that all tour guides offer exceptional experiences and that tours are executed with the best service our customers expect and deserve. Carolyne goes out of her way to lend a helping hand, not only to the Costour team and clients, but also to everyone she meets along the way, regardless of whether they are Costour clients or not. She loves discovering the beaches of Costa Rica and, when she has the time, cycling through enchanting nature trails in the jungles of Guanacaste.

Our vehicles - For your comfort and safety

At Costour, we believe that our customers should always benefit from the greatest comfort. It is important that in our vehicles, our customers feel safe at all times in order to enjoy their vacation 100%. Our guides are not only knowledgeable and courteous.

They must also demonstrate that they have no criminal record. They also received training in first aid and first aid. Our vehicles are accredited by the Costa Rica Tourism Institute (ICT), up to date and certified for public safety inspections.

Our vehicles are also insured – beyond industry standards to offer you better protection. Whether it is a private and personalized outing, a visit in a larger group, a transfer or a large event, our range of impeccably clean and well-maintained vehicles allows us to meet your needs. your needs and expectations. All our vehicles are equipped with a GPS tracking system to ensure your safety. All you have to do is relax and enjoy your well-deserved trip.

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