Discover the Sloths in Costa Rica

When you visit Costa Rica, you will not be able to resist being charmed by the fascinating sloths. For many years, sloths were not that popular. Many scientists have considered them a slow and useless animal, unlikely to survive in … Read More

10 Amazing Facts About Sloths in Costa Rica

One of the most fascinating animals you can encounter in Costa Rica is the very friendly and very smiley sloth! Yves Pepito Malette, owner and operator, from Costour agrees that this animal always amazes visitors. For most tourists, the Sloth … Read More

Amazing Facts Regarding the American Crocodile

One of the most fascinating animals living in Guanacaste Costa Rica is the American Crocodile. Visitors come from all over the world to get a close look at this animal. This pre-historic looking creature is heavily populated in the Tempisque … Read More

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