When you visit Costa Rica, you will not be able to resist being charmed by the fascinating sloths.

For many years, sloths were not that popular. Many scientists have considered them a slow and useless animal, unlikely to survive in the wild.

It turns out that scientists were wrong. The sloths are still alive and very present in the tropical forest of Guanacaste and Costa Rica.

Thousands of years ago, the sloths were much bigger. Some archaeological finds, report that they were at one time the size of an elephant.

They use their long claws to hang on their branches while they feast on leaves that other animals cannot reach in the highest trees of Costa Rica’s rainforest. The hard leaves of a lazy diet are hard to digest. Sloths have a three-part stomach that slowly digests the many leaves they slowly but constantly eat during the day.

There are two categories of sloths in Costa Rica. The two-toed sloth which slightly larger than the sloth with three fingers. They are both about the size of a medium sized dog.

The sloths are excellent swimmers. They have an agility that allows them to turn their heads almost 360 degrees. This certainly allows them to protect themselves from their predators including eagles, snakes and even jaguars.

Costour’s Sloth Discovery Tour is a popular experience that receives remarkable reviews on many tourist sites such as TripAdvisor. To know more about Costa Rica’s most popular animal, book a tour now!

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