Border Run

Border Runs to Nicaragua

FOR MORE INFORMATION AND BOOKING YOUR BORDER RUN – PLEASE CONTACT US AT: INFO@COSTOUR.CO Cost of the run is 70$ us per person. This fee does not include several border fees and taxes which amount to about 30$ us. Preferred to bring small US$ bills as agents on the Nicaragua side rarely give change. Make sure your passport is valid and has at least 6 months validity. At the current time, no PCR test is required to enter Nicaragua if you have proof of having received at least 2 vaccination shots. A proof of exit in the 90 days following the run will be required to re-enter Costa Rica. This proof can be an airline ticket or even a one year open bus ticket that be purchased at the border for less than 25$ us. Our guide can assist with the purchase. We leave Playa del Coco around 5:30 AM and return around noon. Pick ups are also possible in Playa Hermosa, Communidad and in Liberia at the Best Wester El Sitio Hotel. For more information and booking, please contact us at:


Book your Border Run now and avoid surpassing your 90 day Visa.

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