Who We Are

Costour was founded in 2015 by Yves Malette and Carolyne Girard. Since that very humble beginning, it has grown into a trusted resource that has helped thousands of people better enjoy their travels in Guanacaste and Costa Rica. Seduced by the wonders and beauty of Costa Rica, they came to Costa Rica ten times, as tourists, before deciding to make it their permanent home in paradise. Having explored the world for many years, they can really understand the expectations of people occupying the visitors’ seat – since they are avid travellers themselves. Their commitment to customer service is unique and important as it is one of the few tour agencies in Costa Rica offering experiences in English, French and Spanish. Their service is attentive and very personalized. The efforts invested by the Costour team to provide the best memorable adventures are widely recognised and that is the reason Costour is constantly occupying top ranks in TripAdvisor also receiving its Certificate of Excellence. Costour is also a Travel & Hospitality Award Winner, for providing the best experiences and memories to visitors coming to Guanacaste Costa Rica. It is important for Costour to be compliant with the all safety and security measures to protect its customers. This professionalism has brought them recognition as a lead companies, receiving all the certifications required by all levels of the Costa Rica Government and National Institute of Tourism of Costa Rica. Costour is truly a friend to anyone coming to Costa Rica with the wish to enjoy and discover the most amazing country in the world.

"...From the moment we entered the van, Pepito made us feel safe and comfortable. His stories along the way and the way he shared his passion about Costa Rica made us want to know even more..."
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