Meet Our Team

Yves “Pepito” Malette

Co-Owner & General Manager

Yves was born in Ontario Canada and speaks English, French and Spanish. As the co-founder and co-owner of Costour, he oversees the general operations of the agency. His commitment is to develop the most memorable and exciting experiences, so that visitors will leave Costa Rica with fun filled memories. He then oversees the sales and marketing strategies related to the tours. He also oversees the booking systems and web services as well as the social media activities. When we cannot find him, he is off the beaten path looking for new tour ideas. He loves the Costa Rican wildlife and is always passionately trying to learn more about the traditions and culture of Costa Ricans which are considered happiest people in the world.

Carolyne Girard

Co-Owner & Administrative Services Manager

Carolyne was born in Québec Canada and speaks French, English and some Spanish. As co-founder and co-owner of Costour she is responsible for all the administrative services, computer management and all the logistics to assure that all tour guides deliver nothing but top-rated experiences and that the tour plans are executed with the best customer service our visitors expect and deserve. Carolyne will out of her way to lend a helping hand, not only to the Costour team and customers but also to anyone comes across her path here in Costa Rica regardless of that fact that they may be a customer or not. She also loves the Costa Rican beaches and when she has time, some biking through some amazing natural trails in the jungle.

Guillermo “Memo” Solano

Tour Guide

Guillermo, who is fluent in English and Spanish, has been a professional tour guide since 2012. He brings to Costour a wealth of guiding experience. His natural traits and personality that make him so valuable to us. Memo charms everyone with his lovely disposition and great sense of professionalism. He brings an impressive expertise of the flora and fauna of Costa Rica that he will be so pleased to share with you. He is very passionate about the protection of the wildlife here in Costa Rica.

Franco Emmanuelle Delenne

Tour Guide

As his name defines him, Franco does not only speak French but also speaks very well in Spanish. Born in France, he first came to Costa Rica as a visitor. Charmed by the culture of the country, he has now been living here since 1997. Franco has impressive knowledge of Costa Rica’s geography and of course its rich wildlife. Another one of his passion is fishing and he is also fascinated by the marine wildlife while scuba diving. As a hobby, he enjoys taking care of his garden which provides a great number of fresh vegetables and fruits to his family and friends.

Rodman Orozco Ruiz

Tour Guide

Rodman has been part of the Costour family since 2017. He was born in San Jose, the capital of Costa Rica. He is a very cheerful and positive person and enjoys meeting people from all corners of the globe. He speaks English, French, Italian, Portuguese and of course Spanish. Having lived in Canada for more than 15 years, he understands the needs of the many visitors. He is happiest when helping visitors and is always eager to share his knowledge of the local culture and the wildlife of Costa Rica.

Georgy Obando Pizarro

Tour Guide

Georgy has a very jovial personality and the greatest smile in Guanacaste! He is fluent in English and Spanish, having spent a whole year in the United States, in a past exchange program. He was born in Liberia Guanacaste. He has been working in tourism for more than 14 years and is always proud to share his culture with our visitors. Has a hobby, he loves to document and inventory the many species of bird we have in Costa Rica. Georgy takes a lot of pride in making sure the people who explore Costa Rica with him, leave with the most precious memories.


Security and Public Relations

Buddy has been in our family since 2011. Born in Canada, he is still today one of the very few Mini Golden Doodles residing in Costa Rica. He does a great job as our public relations manager since everyone in Coco knows and absolutely loves his charm and personality. He is great at advising us if someone arrives unexpectedly. Buddy loves all the Guanacaste beaches since it is the best place to play ball and try to catch a wave. He does a great job chasing the Geckos and Iguanas off the property.

"...From the moment we entered the van, Pepito made us feel safe and comfortable. His stories along the way and the way he shared his passion about Costa Rica made us want to know even more..."
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